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Step Above is dedicated to creating an outstanding training experience for each and every individual that we meet. Below are a few of our Step Above, fitness for Life--timers personal experiences and appreciation for all we offer


“Step Above Training is wise and friendly. Dave Myers, like others he brings on his team, watch clients intently, coach with insight, and always challenge a body to grow a little more.  I am much more mindful to strengthen and protect my body while working and playing. Dave always has a plan.”



"I love this gym. Eric makes training fun and interesting, even at 6 am. There's a huge variety of equipment, so no matter your goals, you can work towards achieving them at Step Above. Highly recommend 5/5."_ ROB


"I couldn't ask for a better trainer than Zak! He creates intense workouts tailored towards helping me reach my goals. He motivates without yelling and has a way of pushing me to give maximum effort even when I want to give up. Anyone who spends time with Zak will quickly see that he is incredibly knowledgeable about functional fitness and nutrition. He also walks the walk as a CrossFit athlete. Since training with Zak I have reached and passed personal fitness goals. He's given me the confidence to continually set new goals and dream bigger. _Jenny


"Dave is the most professional trainer I have ever experienced. He is totally dedicated to guiding the customer to the best possible experience. I wholly and completely recommend Dave for any all exercisers!" _Richard


Live Online Training Testimonial

"We have been doing virtual workouts with Dave for the last four months after over two years of training in person with him. Dave has done an amazing job adapting our in-person workouts to virtual, providing us with highly effective workouts with limited equipment. We are grateful to be able to continue training in our home environments. Each workout is unique and challenging!"

_3 Clients @ once

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