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From your first steps in the door of our facility your fitness journey is our top priority. We will begin with our free consult and workout to provide the best and most efficient path to your goals.

From the initial consult we will establish our fitness foundation. Followed by highly focused and expertly designed 1 on 1 training sessions. We will build confidence, strength, mobility, aerobic endurance, muscle, lose weight, and make you the very best exerciser you can be.

You will be more than ready to embrace "Fitness for a Lifetime" with all the effort and knowledge achieved with us!


About Us

Our Mission

To provide each and every person who walks through our doors with an unparalleled training  experience that will reach you on a physical and emotional level. 


Contact Us

1535 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202

Tel: 262-424-8112

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